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Interested in hosting?

If you have accommodation to offer, there are various ways in which you can find a suitable family or individual to host.   The households who have started to form this Churt for Ukraine group recommend you consider one of the following methods (click on the links to take you to the relevant site). 

Farnham Homes for Ukraine is a local group set up by Kate Larmer and team to help Ukrainian families from the Kharkiv region relocate to Farnham.  They have established a four-step process to become a sponsor, with plenty of support, and will also mean you can host people from the same region of Ukraine as many other hosts in the Farnham area.


Farnham Stands with Ukraine can also help you - contact them through their Facebook page.

Haslemere for Ukraine established by Jo Mckay also offer similar support (currently through their Facebook page) and a full support pack. 

Guildford Aid for Ukraine also now has a dedicated site with plenty of advice and information.


You can register your interest with the Government's Homes for Ukraine site.

Members of the Churt group who already navigated the system are also very happy to share their experience.  Contact us if you need help or advice.

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